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Better performance by design

Another easy win with the Triabit.

The easiest way to improve your horse's performance


The Triabit is a unique new bit design that allows race horses to perform better by relieving them of the stress and discomfort associated with traditional bits, ensuring that they settle easily in races and that they don't waste energy in running. The Triabit was developed to be kinder and gentler on the horse while, at the same time, providing better control for the rider. Horses relax quickly on the Triabit because it is more comfortable than ordinary bits and it does not pull into the sides of the horse's mouth. The patented design allows the benefits of a snaffle without the pinching (and subsequent choking down) that can result from other bits. Learn more about the Triabit.

To buy the Triabit

We have a world-wide network of retailers who stock the Triabit. Go here to find your nearest stockist. If you have a preferred retailer that doesn't currently stock the Triabit, just ask them to complete the online retailer signup form here and we will set them up to supply you.

To stock the Triabit

To become a stockist for the Triabit, please complete an online application form here. Getting you set up as a new stockist is a very quick process. Once we have processed your online application, we'll send you your login details and you'll be ready to order straight away.